About Us  

First Search Executive Recruitment was established in 1990 and has an impressive track record of completing successful searches across all functional areas for client companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. We are a boutique search firm founded on the steadfast belief in our clients’ right to demand performance. We will not take on a search assignment unless we feel we can deliver top quality results for our clients. Our confidence in backed by 20 years of winning performance on behalf of our clients.

Meet Kate Dwyer . . .

After graduating from Marquette University with a major in advertising and business, I began my career in Consumer Packaged Goods sales, where I sold product through direct, distributor and broker organizations. In 1988, I joined Roth Young Executive Recruitment and conducted sales and marketing search on a nationwide basis. I worked hard and was quickly recognized as one of the franchise’s leading recruiters.

I established my business, First Search Executive Recruitment, in 1990. My company is a member of a nationwide network of leading Consumer Packaged Goods recruiters with the shared goal of servicing the long-term needs of our clients with ethical search services.


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